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Because the rapid development of quality standards ISO 9000 one problem has arisen as companies have had many difficulties in applying these standards specially in a subject of cost.

Telare - The leading quality Documentation Agency in New Zealand after researching the market has presented a Top quality Management System QMS that still uses basic requirements of ISO9000 but in an easier and easier way to use. [www.sistemieconsulenze.it/brc-ifs-rimini/ Brc ifs ferrara] This system includes all the essential requirements that an enterprise must maintain a good marriage with customers also to keep their faith in the merchandise or service. This system is shortly called Queen. Base.

For some issues Q. Base not simplify like in ISO9000 but requires company to produce some basic standards. [www.sistemieconsulenze.it/brc-ifs-ferrara/ Brc ifs ferrara] A company may begin from Queen. Base system and develop its standards in agreement with ISO9000. Q. Basic is very flexible and company may apply this product pursuant to the real business condition. This system is a very necessary tool to manage small and middle enterprises not only in quality management work.

Q. Base strategy is a collection of quality management experience in Fresh Zealand and a few other countries such as Denmark Canada Australia and Sweden. Queen. [www.sistemieconsulenze.it/brc-ifs-rimini/ Brc ifs ferrara] Base concentrates on main aspects in quality management work and policies in analyzing contract with customers and chain suppliers in handling resources process and complete products in auditing retaining documents and training and bettering the quality.