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Which means that your expensive phone finally showed up. You get enthusiastic test the display run a game import contact list and then you keep in mind you must travel buy some groceries. Perfect time for the first trip with your new telephone. However the universe determines its time that you can pay for each and every bad karma you gathered in your life. The phone suddenly becomes sentient gets extra smooth and just jumps away of your hand or pocket and lands on to the pavement. The display screen has become broken and you are in anguish thinking what could you performed to prevent this situation.

If it didnt happen to you yet I actually is absolutely sure you know at least one friend who have experienced this horror story.

Everybody drops their phone sooner or later so what can you do to shield it Buy a case or a protective screen Nevertheless wouldnt a case make my phone look cheap and like a packet

These questions are natural you cant compare the feeling of the telephone the way it was designed in the nude express metal glass or leather with the somewhat cheap bulky a sense of a protective phone circumstance.

In an attempt to deliver an improved phone experience some companies offer an interesting warrantee offer. Seeing as an example the THE ALL NEW HTC One M9 could possibly get changed once if your contact gets damaged including random drops or screen fractures.

But most companies charge you extra fees up to 200$ in order to correct your phone if you accidentally drop it.

So in order to keep your phone safe but without it looking ugly or cheap allows have a look at what case manufacturers have to offer in order to gratify both basic safety and design needs.

Be aware: A case can keep your phones value if you happen to want to resell it.

Since the appearance of the i phone 6 and 6 it has been observed that this phone is more prone to taking harm than the other top end phones Samsung Galaxy S6 is also on the top list also because of its glass and metal build. From the occasional scratches to display cracks we definitely need to shield our expensive telephones. So we have created a top 10 set of the best iPhone 6th cases that hopefully will not empty your pocket.